Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mad Men Design Style SO in Vogue

I know it’s been a while since I last posted on this Blog but that has been primarily due to the fact that I’m in the throws of home renovations of my own. Our kitchen is now almost done! More on that later.

I’ve been watching the show “Mad Men” and not only do I love the story line, but the decor used on the sets is amazing! My mid-century modern tastes are finally paying off in Hollywood. If you’re ever looking for some inspiration for your projects, I would suggest watching this show.

The office interiors scream 50’s – 60’s minimalist. Saarinen inspired tulip tables and Eames chairs are plentiful at the offices of Sterling Cooper. I just love the modular shelving used in the commercial for Nutz starring Jimmy Barrett.

 modular shelving

When Don’s wife Betty begins seeing a shrink you get a real glimpse into the minimalist styling of a therapist’s office. Notice the chaise lounge and tulip side table.


The over the top plush blue velvet tufted headboard in the bedroom of Don and Betty Draper represent the upper class lifestyle of which they live. Don being a successful ad man brings him in a high dollar salary. Gotta love the smoking in bed!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chalkboard Paint

I’ve been researching different options for wall coverings in our kitchen. Do I paint it? Wallpaper? Hang a big picture?

I then came across some great photos where people have implemented a chalkboard wall, or section with paint.

This seems like a definite possibility for our kitchen. Since our layout is galley style, we have one end wall that isn’t huge and doesn’t really standout in any way. If we were to paint it with chalkboard paint – think of the endless possibilities?

I’m going to seriously consider this option for our kitchen. What do you think?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saarinen Tulip Table

The kitchen renovations are coming along and now I’m beginning to source for a kitchen/dining table. In keeping with our contemporary design I’ve decided that a Saarinen Tulip Table will work perfectly.

Tulip-Dining-Set-ArmChairs-and-Saarinen-Dining-Tables-Interior-Dining-Room-Furniture Eero Saarinen's pedestal collection first received critical recognition for his tulip chair in the late 1940’s. Adding to this collection was the “Tulip or Pedestal” group, which featured side and arm chairs, dining, coffee and side tables, as well as a stool. His theory behind this collection was to "clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home.” 

saarinen tablesWhat I like about this table is that it has great lines, can seat multiple people without table legs getting in the way and the design is iconic of the mid-century modern era, thus it will never go out of style. It comes both in a round or oval top, which can be the original white, walnut or marble. The pedestal is available in white or black. 

Now I just need to find some great chairs!