Friday, October 3, 2008

No-Fail Front Door Colours

Paint is the easiest and most dramatic way to transform your front door. Here are five favorite picks from paint manufacturers "Farrow & Ball". The company's Oil Full Gloss paint can be used for interior or exterior applications but is particularly well suited to front doors, where the durability of oil and the shine of full gloss are top priorities.

Citron 74
Many realtors say a yellow front door is a lure for homebuyers. Even if you aren't selling, yellow provides a cheerful greeting and works well with most home styles.

Stone Blue 86
True blue in a muted medium tone is a classic welcoming colour with a country appeal. It looks great on homes with grey, taupe or yellow brick or siding.

Olive 13
Earthy olive green is a good choice for a Craftsman style home. If you have a red brick home, painting the front door a contrasting green will make the door a focal point.

Rectory Red 217
There's no colour more eye-catching than true red for a front door. Red is daring yet formal and looks smashing on home with while painted siding or pale stucco.

Off-Black 57
A glossy black door adds an air of formality to any home. Pair it with polished brass hardware and a lion door knocker for a stately look or chrome hardware for something more contemporary.

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