Friday, November 28, 2008

Modern Pet Furniture - Is there such a thing?

One eye sore that seemed impossible to get away from in the home were cat trees. You know the ones... You fork over $250.00 for a two-tone carpeted faux tree stump with green podium that your cat(s) scratch up and lay all over? Worse yet, it sits in the middle of your living space because, god forbid, your little one be closed off from all the action! Well, I’ve recently come across a great alternative from a company called Hepper Home.

This pet products company was born from that universal thought: “there’s got to be a better way”. In their search for truly innovative, functional, cool beds for pets they decided to make their own and now have created an array of modern pet furnishings. You can get all the specifics on their products here:

I’ve just ordered the tres cool Pod for my boys Barley & Hops. They will be receiving it from Santa for Christmas!

Hepper Pod
The Pod offers the security of a mountaintop cave with way more style. It serves as your pets own personal sanctuary a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme.

Hepper Podium
Just the bottom half of the Pod, your Pet can just curl up for a nap in the most stylish spot in the house.

Hepper Nest
This floor-level sanctuary is perfect for curling up for a nap, storing toys, or falling asleep to daydreams of…zzzzzzzz.

Hepper Wave
This hammock-like perch keeps your furry friend cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. Ride on.

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