Friday, March 13, 2009

Groovy Wallpapers

If you really want to pump up the mid-century modern look in your home, consider a feature wall installation of wallpaper. As my previous post on wallpaper discussed, this time-tested application has come a long way since the days of pasting and then never being able to peel it off.

Bradbury & Bradbury has come out with two new collections specific to mid-century modern times. The Atomic Age is reminiscent of the “tropical tiki” and “sputnik” era. The Mod Generation reminds us of the conservative prosperity of the 1950’s through to the civil rights demonstrations, flower children and man’s journey to the moon. Here are some of my favourites from each:

Grete – Naugahydeinterlock_INT-510_sage_400

Boingo – Grayboingo_BOI-710_gray_400

Now What? in Ginchy Green what_4_grn_400

Nouveau in Sea of Green
Gee Gee Sagegeegee_GEE-510_sage_400

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