Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Should I Work with ReVIBE?

  1. Your time is at a premium.

  2. You feel completely overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

  3. You have a couple of signature pieces but are unsure how to put everything together.

  4. You want to have quality work done, but don’t know where to turn for contractors, workmen, installers or other resources.

  5. You’ve already tried to decorate your home and have purchased a few items in the past, but they don’t work when you get them home.

  6. You and your partner can’t agree on anything.

  7. Your about to undertake a large renovation project and would like someone to help manage it for you.

  8. You’re not aware of the latest products, fabrics, or appliances that are available in the marketplace.

  9. You’re tired of buying things here and there but not having a master plan to put them all together.

  10. You want to have access to items you see in the home design magazines but they indicate they are “to the trade only”.

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