Friday, August 15, 2008

4 Easy Steps to Buying the Perfect Flooring

Nothing makes such a noticeable difference in how your home looks and feels than flooring. With all the choices and technical considerations, finding the perfect floor can be an intimidating decision, but there is hope. Follow these four easy steps to ensure you get the right floor for your décor, lifestyle and budget.

Choose your décor, then your floor
Traditional Decor - Elegant, formal, classic lines and detailed finishing. Choose hardwood with distinctive grains and dark tones or exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, merbau, jatoba and cherry.

Casual Decor - Comfortable, cozy spaces that are charming and inviting. Look for mid-tone products with lots of texture and heavy grains.

Modern Décor - Monochromatic and functional with clean lines. Choose floors that will make a statement with color and pattern or subtle-grain floors to create a neutral pallet for these contemporary spaces.

Determine the function of your space
Active Spaces - Look for style and durability. Laminates are an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as family rooms and kitchens.

Relaxing Spaces - Medium to low traffic spaces where life still happens. Cork is a unique find; soft, warm and low maintenance. Look for corkfloors with bevelled edges and a leathered texture. Engineered hardwood is an excellent option, as it will not gap and will look beautiful longer.

Think outside the box
Flooring is a significant purchase. The cost of removing your current flooring and installation costs of new flooring can quickly add up and restrict your budget. Consider floor systems that can be installed right over your existing flooring.

Fall in love
Your home is a personal reflection of your style. Find a floor you love, before considering performance and functional elements. If you buy the floor you love, you’ll love your new space and that is the most important consideration of all.

- originally published by Torly's Flooring, July 2008

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