Friday, January 16, 2009

Drapery and your mid-century modern style

One of the challenges when using MCM design style in your home is finding the right window covering(s). In keeping with minimalist ideals, hard window coverings such as roller shades, blinds or bare windows would be appropriate. However; I feel that hard window coverings just contribute to an already "hard" environment (wood furnishings, flooring, etc.) One way you can add warmth and visual interest to your room is utilizing soft window coverings such as floor to ceiling drapes.

Drapes work especially well in living rooms or bedrooms that have valances. You can install the hardware railing underneath the valance then the drapes will run on rollers for the length of the rod. This type of installation provides a nice clean look and will give a finished stack to the each side when the window is showing.

Here are some other things to think about when it comes to drapery in your home:

Custom or Off the Rack
Depending on your window, off the rack curtains can work well, if they are lined, and the appropriate length. Going custom provides you with unlimited choices in fabric and a plethora of workrooms to make your drapes. The greater Vancouver area has many sewing workrooms that can make draperies at a reasonable price.

Lining is important for three reasons; it provides additional weight in the hanging of the fabric; gives you a clean uniformed look from outside your home; and lining adds an additional layer for insulation.

Window Insulation
It has been proven that by installing drapes in your home, you will stop drafts from coming into the room as well as keep the warmth within the room. This in turn saves you money on your heating bill.

Sound Reduction
Drapes can help to drown out sound from outside.

Black Out
For those who need to sleep in complete darkness, add blackout liner to your drapes. You'll feel like you're sleeping in a hotel room.

Window Camouflage
Not all windows are beautiful, having draperies installed can hide many flaws that otherwise may be obvious.

Utilizing soft window coverings will provide your home with an atmosphere that you can’t achieve with the less formal hard window coverings, such as blinds or rollers.

If you’re interested in discussing how to add drapes to your home give ReVIBE a call!

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Great Advice!

When I am designing spaces with a mid century feel I have found that grommets work the best.