Friday, February 27, 2009

eBay and Mid-Century Modern Design

Scandinavian Hall Table

If you are looking to find some mid-century modern items for your home, one of the best resources available today is eBay. True, there are more sophisticated vendors and collectors using the site today then there once was, but if you spend the time searching, you can still find some great deals and unique items for minimal cost. Just be sure to assess the sellers rating and determine the shipping costs prior to entering your maximum bid price.

There are a number of ways you can search eBay for mid-century modern items:
  1. From the main page type "mid-century modern" - this provides the broadest search.
  2. Find a specific Category and type in "mid-century modern" - brings back only items in that category.
  3. Go to the Collectibles category and find Vintage - select the decade that interests you and search.
  4. Enter mid-century modern buzz words - i.e., "eames", "saarinen", "danish teak", "federal glass", "blenko", etc.
Have fun treasure hunting!