Friday, February 20, 2009

Wool - One of Our Best Natural Resources

My favorite textile has always been wool, both for its beautiful texture and wide versatility. In these times of earth friendly products and taking advantage of natural resources – wool is the perfect choice for many of your decorating needs!

There are many natural advantages of wool and it can be used for many design projects. Some of my favourite uses are upholstery, drapery and of course area rugs. Check out these great felted wool faux stone ottomans!

Shape Retention
The natural elasticity of wool fiber allows it to stretch up to 40% beyond its original length and return to its original size. Therefore, it’s a great choice for upholstery and carpets since they will bounce back from body pressure or furniture crush.

Water Repellant & Stain Proof
Wool fibers repel water and stains due to a unique membrane covering the fiber core. Spills will remain on the surface, allowing the liquid to be blotted up with a clean and dry cloth.

Easy to Clean

The natural membrane found on wool fibers allow for easy cleaning. This membrane prevents dirt and dust from sinking below the surface, permitting regular vacuuming to keep items looking clean and new.

Fire Safe
Wool has many natural safe characteristics, including flame retardant, high ignition temperature, low flame spread and the ability to self-extinguish.

Improves Air Quality
Wool naturally resists static and mildew – static by wool’s natural moisture retention up to 30% and mildew by its naturally low pH. Wool also improves and maintains indoor air quality by absorbing contaminants without re-emitting them into your environment.

Natural Insulation
Wool works as a natural barrier against noise and an insulator for heat or cold. For example, a wool rug will absorb the sound and noise level within your room and wool drapery will insulate your windows and keep the temperature consistent within your room.

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